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Lil Poppa – God’s Hand (Official Music Video)

Lil Poppa – God’s Hand (Official Music Video)

Ein neues Musikvideo von LilPoppa

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God’s Hand out now:

Lil Poppa:

Verse 1: I think I done seen it all & I’m only 19
Do it for Prosper he ain’t get to live his dream
I swear this shit ain’t what it seem
Went and bought a crib for the team
I won’t do the pills or the lean but I’m a fiend for the weed I like to get high
Two J’s to start the day that’s just to get by
Took a 10 out the bank that’s just to get fly seeking revenge cause it ain’t nice when a kid cry everyday another kid die

Hook: What’s understood ain’t for everybody to understand
but ima leave it in God’s hand
Cause all of this Gods plan and I hear what God saying
In the jungle like Tarzan watch that dope come back hard and tan in my mama apartment

Verse 2: The streets made a man of me a grown man
Beefing with grown men that shit made me my own man but ima strong man
Had to cut off my whole hand I like to give even though they wouldn’t do the same for me let’s keep it real
Who could I call on for them video shoots I needed fits them niggas had it they ain’t wanna give me shit
Them same niggas on they dick but they don’t think we know
All on that shit but they don’t let it show

Verse 3: I always kept it real I never changed how I felt
All them niggas showed their hand that shit will leave you by yourself
I smoke and think all by myself I sit and think about my health
Cause I ain’t feeling like myself like do I really like myself
Like I don’t really feel my hair my lips too big that’s why they stare
I’m insecure I know I am but it’s just me no it’s not them
I know I’m me but I’m not him I try to see but I don’t see them
I try to hear but I don’t hear them
Kill them all before I fear them

#LilPoppa #GodsHand

Music video by Lil Poppa performing God’s Hand. © 2019 Rule #1/Interscope Records

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